theCookingKuching Strikes!

Hi all!

Well, I made this blog in 2009. Posted 1 recipe, and abandoned the blog nicely. LOL.

I could've said that I don't have time to cook or post the recipes on the blog, which is half true, but the main reason why i abandoned this blog is because I'm too lazy to write and post the recipe I can't decide in which language I should write the blog. (Excuses!)

In the end, I decided, I will write this blog in two languages. Bahasa Indonesia, which is my mother tongue, and English, so that you people can read and try my yummy, mouth-watering recipes.

I will, WILL, try my best to post regularly, and give my best shot to take picture of the dishes I will make before I finish the food.

So people, theCookingKuching will start again now, in 2012. This time for real. Check it regularly for simple and fun recipes. Enjoy cooking! :)

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